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building long-term success

US Account Management

Our US team is dedicated to driving long-term strategic initiatives and cultivating enduring relationships to help scale your business. By focusing on sustainable growth and strategic planning, we ensure that your company not only meets its current goals but is also well-positioned for future success.



We ensure consistent and dependable communication while providing accurate and timely updates on project status. This reduces the risk of production delays and errors.



We offers extensive knowledge in supply chain management to guide you through complex manufacturing processes. Here we also provides strategic insights for long-term growth.



We offer various financing options to suit your business needs and can provide financial support throughout the project. We support managing cash flow and reduce financial risks.



We offer standardize testing and manage all additional compliance standards you request. Ethical sourcing and responsible business practice are maintained through strict supplier vetting. 

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Building a Robust Supply Chain

Strategic Approach for Sustainable Growth

Our approach is fundamentally different. We aim to be a strategic resource, working alongside your business to create a robust supply chain management foundation that supports long-term growth. By understanding your business needs and goals, we help you scale effectively and sustainably. Our US team acts as an extension of your company, providing continuous support and expertise.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance Management
  • Strategic Support
  • Financing
  • Seamless Communication

Beyond the Checklist: In-Depth Audits & Testing

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Building Long-Term Relationships

Beyond Transactional Business

Unlike a transactional business model, which focuses on finding a supplier for a single order with mediocre quality and the lowest cost, Epoch Global is committed to building long-term relationships with our Clients. A transactional approach often results in inconsistent quality and unreliable supply chains, as it prioritizes short-term gains over sustainable growth.
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Driving Innovation Through Research and Development

Innovation + R&D Support

We invest in research and development to bring cutting-edge solutions to market, ensuring your products stand out in a competitive landscape. By providing access to advanced manufacturing technologies and methodologies, we empower your business to continuously innovate and grow. Explore how our commitment to R&D can elevate your brand and drive long-term success.

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Ensuring Secure & Reliable Supply Chain

Risk Management & Contingency Planning

Epoch Global specializes in developing comprehensive risk management strategies to mitigate potential disruptions in your supply chain. We create contingency plans to maintain continuous operations during unforeseen events and secure reliable suppliers to avoid capacity concerns. 

Rigorous QA and QC Processes for Unmatched Product Quality

Discover Our Global Operations Team

Our US-based team is dedicated to ensuring your business success by managing Client accounts, providing clear communication, and overseeing compliance and quality assurance. But that's just the beginning. We invite you to learn more about our Global Operations Team—experts in product development, in-house sample production, logistics, and much more.

Optimize Your Operations

Bypass Agency Fees & Embrace Direct Access

Working directly with Epoch Global means you're not just saving on unnecessary agency fees; you're gaining entry into a world of premium resources and materials. Our direct relationships with in-house manufacturing and suppliers ensure competitive pricing and access to high-quality inputs, making your products stand out.

We Have Happy Buyers

"Customer Service should always be a number one priority for any business. Great customer service helps welcoming new clients on any level to your business. Keep that up guys it's a win, win!"

Buyers Love Our Services

"They have quality products and excellent customer service. The drop shipping is speedy and the tracking is transparent. They are a true partner and helping my business grow.”

We Have Happy Buyers

"I have been purchasing shoes and sling bags for the past year. Both of these products are of outstanding quality, and the branded packaging is some of the best in the print-on-demand industry. Shipping and production times have been exactly as described, and customer support has been both timely and precise."

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