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Epoch Global Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of manufacturing services does Epoch Global offer?

Epoch Global specializes in textile manufacturing, providing comprehensive services including Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), and Print On- Demand (POD). We cater to a wide range of products such as apparel, bags, and shoes.

Can Epoch Global help with product design?

Yes, we offer full product design support through our ODM service. Our team works closely with clients to bring their unique visions to life, ensuring each design is optimized for production and market reception.

What is the difference between ODM and OEM services at Epoch Global?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services involve designing and producing products as per the client’s specifications, which are then branded under the client's name. ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) involves manufacturing products based on Epoch Global’s existing product designs and specifications, which clients can then label with their own branding.

Does Epoch Global offer any sustainability-focused manufacturing options?

Yes, sustainability is a core principle at Epoch Global. We offer environmentally friendly options such as using recycled materials and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices to minimize environmental impact.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Epoch Global’s manufacturing services?

The MOQ can vary depending on the specific service and product type. Generally, for OEM/ODM services, the MOQ starts at 500 units. For specific MOQ details, please contact our sales team.

How do you ensure product quality?

We maintain strict quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process. This includes rigorous testing and inspection at various stages of production to ensure each product meets our high-quality standards. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty on all our products to guarantee customer satisfaction.