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Mastering Supply Chain Management

We have mastered bringing your product from concept to market, including material sourcing, product development, production, and logistics. Our extensive experience in supply chain management ensures your manufacturing needs are met with precision, efficiency, and a keen eye for quality.

Expert Sourcing

Expert Sourcing

Our dedicated teams work closely with suppliers to source the best materials and collaborate with skilled professionals that meet high standards of quality.

Product Development

Product Development

We utilize detailed tech packs and advanced technology to ensure each design is meticulously crafted to meet exact specifications submitted by our clients.

US Account Management

US Account Management

Our clients benefit from the convenience and reliability of U.S.-based account management, providing a seamless communication and service experience.

Global Logistics

Global Logistics

We manage logistics across a global network, ensuring efficient distribution and delivery of products wherever our clients need them.

extensive dedicated resources

our Supply Chain Advantage

Situated at the heart of the largest material supply hub in the world, our local resources in Asia empower us to meet your exact specifications with utmost precision. This strategic positioning ensures not only the delivery of high-quality materials and products but also adheres to our promise of transparent pricing. Discover the Epoch Global difference, where experience, expertise, and strategic sourcing converge to bring your visions to life.

  • 18 Years Experience
  • Sourcing & Product Development
  • Material Development
  • Quality Assurance

efficiency and effectiveness of product development

In-House Sample Room

Our Global Operations team offers quick iterations, precise adjustments, and faster product finalization with an in-house sample room. It significantly reduces time to market and lowering cost associated with outsourcing and modifications.


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Global Network + Local Expertise

Leverage our global network of account management, suppliers, factories, and logistical needs designed to deliver unparalleled service and quality, wherever you are.



One-Year Manufacturing Warranty

We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. Epoch Global offers a one-year manufacturing warranty covering any defects. Should any issues arise with our products within this period, we will replace them free of charge, ensuring your continuous satisfaction and confidence in our products.


Ready-Made Products

Explore Our Product Selection

We invite you to explore our extensive selection of products, including stylish bags, contemporary apparel, and innovative footwear. Each category is a testament to our commitment to quality and design excellence. Check out our products today and discover how they can elevate your brand.

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